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easement Compensation assessment or valuation

With a family history in building and surveying; Paul & Co. excel at providing comprehensive Valuations for Easement Compensation. 
There are many varied circumstances in which an easement is required. In most cases the servient tenement (property burdened by the easement) is entitled to some form of compensation payable by the dominant tenement (property seeking the easement).  The most common easements we are involved with are:
1. Easement for storm-water drainage; whereby a property owner requires  access over a neighbouring property in order to connect to a mains storm-water system. This often occurs on sloping sites which are being redeveloped and may alternatively involve the amplification of an existing easement should there be an existing system in place.
2. Easement for access to a property; whereby access over a property is required whether it be for driveway access, access for maintenance or for temporary access to or over a property (which often occurs during construction of large infrastructure projects).
There are a plethora of other reasons for easements including power line easements, easements for encroachments and roads. To ensure the correct level of compensation is paid, these assessments should be completed by an experienced and Qualified Property Valuer. 
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